The Reversion of Your Maiden Name After Divorce

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If you are getting or have gotten divorced and no longer desire to use your ex-spouse’s last name, there are a few methods you can impact a name change after divorce. Similar to whatever regarding divorce, state laws vary on this subject, however listed below you’ll find general info on how to alter your name after a divorce.

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The judge will then consist of an order in the decree changing your name, and you can return to using your former name instantly without any additional court intervention. Modify the Divorce Decree If your divorce is already final, some states permit you to ask the court to amend the decree to consist of language changing your surname.

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Submit Petition to Change Last Name In some states, a legal name modification after divorce might be effectuated by filing a name modification petition, just the very same as anybody who desires to change his or her name for other reasons would submit. Note that this might be unneeded documents, however, as discussed more completely below, so make certain your state requires this before going down this road.

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Instead, they permit you to merely go back to utilizing your previous name. In these jurisdictions, so long as you utilize your previous name consistently, you do not require to file anything further with the state. As with all name modification circumstances, nevertheless, you need to be sure to update all of your identification and personal records, including the following: Social Security card Motorist’s license Passport Bank and other financial accounts Charge card Mortgages/deeds Insurance coverage Utility bills Phone/cable bills Student loans School/work, consisting of payroll and retirement plans Voter registration State tax authority (IRS is informed automatically through the SSA) Also, make certain to maintain evidence of your former name such as your birth certificate or old passport in case you need it.

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In that instance, just download and print the types, fill them out, submit them in your regional courthouse, and follow the rest of your state’s procedure for name changes. Last Thoughts on Changing Your Name After Divorce All of the above presumes that you wish to go back to utilizing your previous name after divorce.